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Established in 2007 and constantly changing and growing, our goals remain the same: for you to receive superior plants. We strive for healthy roots, which in turn make for vigorous plants.

Another goal is to provide service, whether that is providing information to successfully grow plants, help in acquiring what you need, or looking for design ideas, we stand ready to help.  Read More >>

Nursery Hours

Our company has developed into an online sales business for the most part. While we are happy to assist local customers, we do not keep regular business hours.

Please note, we are open by appointment or chance, and prefer you call ahead for availability and to be sure you find us home. Please give us a call at (517) 726-0026 or send an email to: kathy@lacycreekgrowers.com



Best Selling

Miscanthus Giganteus is very desirable in the landscape as one of the tallest ornamental grasses. Lush green foliage grows up quickly in summer, producing large clumps. It is a sterile grass, producing no seed, and is not invasive. In fall the grass is topped with silvery plumes, turning tawny golden brown , the grass stands well into the winter months, for great landscape interest.

This grass is a vigorous, fast growers, growing 12-14′ high, and works well for hedges and screening. Very popular with hunters as wildlife cover and habitat as well. Farmers use the mature cut grass as animal bedding, which last longer than traditional bedding.

Miscanthus Giganteus is also potentially the ideal energy crop because of it’s annual cropping cycle and high yields. See our fact sheets and links.