Miscanthus Gianteus Qt 10 Single Rhizomes


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Taking orders for fall.2022, We anticipate harvest to begin in early Nov. Please note that fall planting will be a better fit for more southern states. Since shipping will be well into colder weather, colder states may have issues with the ground freezing before roots are available. Those from colder states may choose to pot up plants and store in an unheated outbuilding over winter. Please plan accordingly when ordering for fall.

Miscanthus Giganteus Single Rhizomes. quantity of 10

Single rhizomes will be 3-6" long and about 1/2" in diameter. . Planting single rhizomes is recommended only in spring and fall when conditions are moist, or when supplemental watering is available. If conditions are too dry the success rate on single rhizomes is not as good as our larger divisions that contain several rhizomes attached. However, they will work well if moisture is maintained during the first few months after planted to help establish these plants. Timing is very important when planting, if too much moisture is present root rot can occur. All existing vegetation should be removed in the area you are planting and weed control measures will need to be taken during the growing season.

You can expect 2-4' of height from single rhizomes the first growing season. They will appear sparce. If you are looking for more height sooner, larger divisions will work better for you. Recommend planting rate is 1' apart for this size of starter plant. Also, this is a warm season grass and will not start top growth until temperatures are in the mid 60's. Not all plants may come on at the same time, do not be alarmed in early summer, patience is required the first year to see all plants growing. Allowing 2 years before dividing off these plants is also recommended (if you wish to divide off of).

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