Planting information for making hedges

Plant 1/2 gallon field grown divisions at a spacing of 3′ apart. At this planting rate you should have a hedge with large clumps almost touching one another in 3 years time.

If your budget allow for closer spacing, plant up to 1′ apart. This will create a fuller hedge in a shorter time, roughly 1-2 years. Plants can also be placed in rows, one behind the other and plants staggered to create a fuller hedge in less time. How you choose to plant depends on your budget.

Plant divisions 6” deep in well worked soil. Cover and mulch. You may choose to fertilize the first year with basic 12-12-12 fertilizer or a product like miracle grow. After the first year fertilization does not seem to speed up growth as all the plant needs is stored in the root system after a years growth. This grass likes lot of water and should have supplemental water for the first season to become established.